Briefly in English

Ropecon is Finland's biggest roleplaying convention held in Dipoli, Espoo. Lately we have had almost 4000 visitors, and we expect about the same number this year too. Ropecon offers different types of program and activities covering the role playing game field (including board games, miniatures and collectible card games) - and of course a chance to meet other players nationwide.

The main themes of Ropecon 2009 are - shh - Myths and Secrets. As Guests of Honor in 2009 we have L. Scott Johnson (USA), Suzi Yee (USA) and Malik Hyltoft (Denmark).

Ticket price for the weekend is 25 euros and for one day 15 euros (except Sunday 10 euros).

Here are some notes from our foreign guests of honor in the previous years:

Chris Pramas on Ropecon 2008
Greg Stolze on Ropecon 2008
Kenneth Hite on Ropecon 2006
Greg Stafford on Ropecon 2005
John Kovalic on Ropecon 2004
Jonathan Tweet on Ropecon 2003

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